Blue 140 hard triplet by La Boule Bleue


The legendary blue 140 hard triplet from La Boule Bleue, in Mediterranean blue carbon steel.

These petanque balls are made in Marseille and approved for competition.

Each ball is dipped individually using an artisanal method and is guaranteed for 5 years.

poids: 670
Pattern: 0 - smooth
Diameter: Ø 72
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Specificities of the blue hard carbon ball

Hardness: 140kg/mm2 +44HRC

This set of 3 balls exists in different weights according to the diameter:

Ø 71mm - weight: 650g and 660g

Ø 72mm - weight: 670g and 680g

Ø 73 & 74 mm - weight: 690g and 710g

Ø 75mm - weight: 710g

Ø 76mm - weight: 720g

Which game with hard balls?

Intended for pointers, their hardness gives them a great longevity on all grounds. For a better grip on the ground, the Boule Bleue recommends adding a striation.

How to maintain your carbon triplet?

Carbon steel is a metal that oxidizes and requires regular maintenance by oiling. Keep this set in a dry place and clean the balls well with a cloth after each game to avoid rust. After a few games, the protective varnish will fade and the ball will acquire a matte appearance for excellent handling.

History of the Blue Ball

The Boule Bleue was created in 1904 in Marseille by Felix Rofritsch, who started to manufacture wooden balls. In 1925, the company revolutionized the market by introducing bronze/brass balls, followed in 1947 by the first blued Swedish steel ball. The company was renamed La Boule Bleue. The brand became popular with professional players and beginners alike because of its quality and reliability, and it became famous for its blue balls. The blue ball is still made in Marseille according to the same high quality standards that have made it famous for over 100 years.

Why "la boule bleue" ?

The name "Boule Bleue" is due to the particular alloy used for the manufacture of these petanque balls. This Swedish carbon steel alloy is heat treated and tempered, giving it a distinctive blue color.


Data sheet

71mm to 76mm
650g to 720g
Carbon steel

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