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La Boule Bleue is a Marseille-based company founded in 1904 by Félix Rofritsch who originally produced traditional wooden balls covered with nails. In 1947, Felix's sons created the first hardened steel ball with the particularity of reflecting a blue color. Since then, the Rofritsch company has become La Boule Bleue and is renowned for the quality and reliability of its balls, preferred by champions and beginners alike. Today, the fourth generation continues the tradition of quality and custom-made boules played on bowling alleys around the world.

La Boule Bleue has constantly innovated to improve the quality of its products to satisfy the most demanding pétanque players. In 1925, the first revolution took place with the invention of the bronze/brass boule, which quickly became the talk of the town. In 1947, Felix Rofritsch's two sons created the first boule made of hardened Swedish carbon steel, an alloy that shows blue reflections caused by heat treatment and tempering. La Boule Bleue continued to innovate by creating its first stainless steel balls in 1961, followed by its first annealed balls in 1963. These boules seduced many petanque champions (notably Lovino, Locatelli and Charly de Gémenos), who preferred the quality and reliability of blue boules to other brands.

The blue balls were also the first to be guaranteed for 5 years, which testifies to their robustness and quality. Today, La Boule Bleue is still at the forefront of innovation in the field of pétanque balls, constantly seeking to improve the quality and performance of its products to satisfy the most demanding players. The manufacturing of its boules has remained artisanal, with great attention paid to each step of the production process to ensure impeccable quality.

La boule bleue is the last manufacture to make its petanque balls in Marseille, in the family workshop.

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