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The history of the Couteau Chien

For generations, the famous CHIEN knife (dog knife in french) has been produced in Thiers, France. It is said that this knife was introduced to the West Indies as a wedding gift from a cook. This multifunctional blade quickly gained popularity and even gave its name to a famous West Indian sauce made with onions and tomatoes, the Chien sauce.

Today, the CHIEN knife is a true staple in West Indian cuisine, and its production is almost exclusively sold in the West Indies. This knife has become an indispensable tool for West Indian cooks. Indeed, the durability and versatility of this knife are legendary. Even when it was worn down to a thin blade, people used it as an ice pick, for hunting, or even as a screwdriver. If the handle was worn, the West Indians would take care to give the knife new life by reinforcing it with a piece of wood wrapped in rubber or even with wires from electrical cables.

In short, the DOG knife was an indispensable tool and its durability and versatility made it a true symbol of West Indian culinary culture.

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