Avocado vase


Let's plant some trees!

Simple and poetic, this vase lets you observe the avocado pit as it ripens, giving a glimpse of the first stages of its life as a tree.

An original object in a minimalist style proposed by an English design studio.

Color: Mustard yellow
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The avocado tree that is gradually born before your eyes can remain in its vase for up to a year, offering nature's beauty as a spectacle.
Once mature, you can plant your young avocado tree in the ground and reuse your vase for a new shoot.
Its special shape keeps the avocado pit dry while it germinates keep the avocado pit dry while it germinates, while allowing the roots to grow freely in the vase.

Avocado vase available in several colors.

Avocado pit not supplied.

How do you grow avocados in France?

Avocado trees, native to hot, humid climates, require a sunny environment protected from cold winds.
Once the plant has reached a sufficient size, it can be transplanted outdoors, preferably in spring, in rich, well-drained soil.
In northern regions, the avocado tree often needs to be planted in a large pot, so that it can be brought inside during the winter months or periods of frost.
Watering should be regular, but not excessive, as the avocado does not tolerate stagnant water.


Data sheet

15 cm
15 cm
Highly resistant borosilicate glass

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