Divining rod


Perhaps you will discover an underground spring as many generations have done thanks to the dowsing rod! We look forward to your discoveries...

Classic Y-shaped rod, handmade by a local dowser in rattan and brass threads.

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Because of its handcrafted appearance, the lengths and shades can vary significantly.

How to use this divination stick

The position of the fingers is important, the thumbs pointing outwards, the palm facing the sky, see figure 4. Make sure that there are no electronic devices around you (cell phones, watches, telephone antennas...)
Hold the wand firmly in front of you, walk slowly with your arms outstretched, the wand is kept parallel to the ground.
Make sure that your hands and wrists are immobile because a simple movement is enough to make the wand react.

The origins of the divining rod

The dowsing rods have allowed Man to find water for thousands of years. These rods are at the origin of many incredible discoveries: sources, but also metal deposits and archaeological ruins. When the dowser detects water, the rod rises and creates a consequent pressure between his hands. This mechanism occurs when the dowser's body is under the influence of a variation of the earth's magnetic field, generally when there is water in the earth.

fig.3 Drawing of about 1732 by Pierre Lebrun
fig.4 Engraving of about 1700 by Johann Gottfried Zeidler and Christian Thomasius


Data sheet

rattan, brass wire

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