Poêle ronde DE BUYER

Round frying pan De Buyer


Stove in carbon steel plate DE BUYER, round, "coupe lyonnaise" style : high, flared and curved skirt. Available in 6 different diameters: 18, 20, 24, 26, 28 and 30 cm.

Size: ø 18
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This special shape, with no sharp edges, makes it easy to slide food from the pan onto a plate or dish. The strip tail is solidly riveted. A true "black frying pan" that "pants", it's ideal for searing and grilling at high heat. All burners, including induction.

Advice on using the pan

Before using the pan for the first time, we recommend that you first "culotte" it. Pour oil into the bottom of the pan and brush with a paper towel. Gradually raise the heat to 150°C. Leave the pan to heat up for a few minutes, stopping the heat as soon as the first smoke appears. This creates a protective layer on the steel.

Iron frying pans will wear down over the years, thanks to the grease you put on the bottom each time you use them.
After several uses with fat, your frying pan will be well "culotte", i.e. covered with a natural non-stick coating. It will become coppery, even black, which is what we're looking for!

For maintenance, don't use detergents or washing-up liquid. Simply wash the pan in very hot water with a sponge (even an abrasive one - do yourself a favor!), then wipe dry with a cloth. You can also use coarse salt to rub into the pan, which will wash it, remove food odors and tastes, and purify it.

Before storing it in a dry place, remember to lightly oil the inside of your iron frying pan with absorbent paper or a tea towel. This process naturally protects your cookware from oxidation and improves its non-stick properties.

De Buyer

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