China Blue Set


Complete jacket and trouser set, genuine Bleu de Chine raw indigo blue suit, straight from China.

While today's Chinese blue is very much in vogue in the fashion world, it was once the garment par excellence of the Maoist revolutionary, the sailor and the Chinese farmer.

Sturdy and easy to wear, this timeless Chinese suit has stood the test of time, and today the people of Marseille consider it part of their culture, taking its place as the Mediterranean jean.

Adult and children's models.

Size: 60 (eq FR 48 )
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Jacket with Claudine collar, 5 Chinese buttons, 3 front patch pockets and one inside pocket.

Matching pants with adjustable waistband, button fly; 2 bias pockets and a back button pocket.

Discover our China set in white.

How to wear :

Before wearing, it's best to fix the color. To do this, soak the garment ideally overnight in seawater (or in ten liters of cold water with 300g of coarse salt). The color can also be fixed by a water bath with white vinegar (40 cl for 10 l of cold water). Rinse with clean water and leave to dry before wearing for the first time.

First wash separately in the washing machine.

Like all 100% cotton garments, this one will shrink slightly after the first wash.


Data sheet

100% cotton

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