Sandalwood Nepalese Incense Strings


Plunge into a state of deep relaxation with this Sandalwood cord incense.

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Revered for thousands of years, sandalwood is a symbol of peace and spirituality, its sweet fragrance having the power to relax body and mind. Traditionally used in Nepal, this cord incense is made using an ancestral process, where a powder of aromatic ingredients is placed on lokta paper and then wound by hand.

Whether in our traditional Surya holder or in a bowl of ashes, incense cords burn to release their soothing fragrance.

The ritual of Nepalese incense

1. Define your intention clearly and write it down on a piece of paper.
2. Prepare a clean, harmonious space for burning.
3. Light the incense, let the flame go out naturally, then place the incense on the incense holder with your intention written underneath.
4. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, meditate on your goal and imagine the smoke carrying your intentions.
5. Remain in gratitude for a few moments after opening your eyes, and repeat the ritual over several days to reinforce its effect.


Data sheet

Lokta paper and fragrances
24 cords

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