Kit pour Bonsai


Complete set of Japanese Bonsai tools.

An ideal kit for amateurs and professionals in Bonsai care and maintenance.

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Your Bonsai tree will love the attention and care you'll give it with this set of tools worthy of a Bonsai master straight from Japan!

The extremely precise pruning of this small decorative tree becomes a real pleasure: cut, carve and shape as you wish, with patience, to create a real little Zen garden at home.

Roll-up leather case, 540 x 330 mm, with 12 compartments and 10 tools.

Tools for pampering your Bonsai

- A Yokote Kogatana knife ideal for veneering and scribing, with handleless blade for maximum precision. For reworking cuts, particularly on the trunk section.
- Concave pliers for clean cutting of branches and buds. Oblique edge for a cut flush with the trunk.
- "Jin" pliers for debarking to create Jin and Shari. Can also be used to unwind and twist wire.
- Wire shears for cutting and shaping tree wire.
- Small bonsai shears for precise cutting of branches and stems.
- Straight-edged "Satsuki" shears , ideal for pruning and cutting. The elongated shape makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach places.
- Leaf nippers with trowel for removing leaves, laying moss at the base of the tree and working the soil surface in depth with the flat trowel.
- A claw shovel for untangling roots when repotting, and precision work on the soil surface with the flat part.
- A sturdy bench brush , made from the Japanese cycad tree. For sweeping up leaves and soil.
- A Bonsai brush, made from Japanese palm fern, for sweeping up excess soil and distributing the granule covering.


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