Avion DC-3 métal

DC-3 metal plane


Enter the world of aviation with our metal toy replica of the famous DC-3 airplane, featuring a friction mechanism that allows it to roll on any flat surface.

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Made entirely of metal, this replica of the famous DC3 aircraft is a true collector's item for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Its iconic silhouette is perfectly reproduced with details. Bright colors and glossy finishes add a touch of realism to this captivating toy
The friction mechanism allows this miniature plane to roll forward when pushed on a flat surface.

A great gift for aviation enthusiasts of all ages, treat yourself to a little aerial nostalgia with our DC-3 metal replica plane.

The short history of the DC-3

The Douglas DC-3 made aviation history as one of the most important aircraft ever built. With its increased capacity, improved performance and unmatched reliability, it quickly found its place in the fleets of American airlines in the 1930s.

Unlike its predecessors, the DC-3 had an advanced aerodynamic design, with a wider and longer fuselage, larger wings and more powerful engines. It could carry up to 21 passengers at a cruising speed of 265 km/h and fly at an altitude of 6,000 meters.

During World War II, the DC-3 was used as a military transport aircraft, carrying troops and supplies to combat zones. It was a very reliable aircraft, capable of flying in difficult weather conditions and carrying heavy loads over long distances.

After the war, the DC-3 became a popular commercial transport aircraft worldwide. It was used by many airlines to carry passengers and cargo. Some were converted into cargo planes and continued to fly for decades. Today, the DC-3 is a classic aircraft, valued for its elegant design and its contribution to aviation history. Many aviation enthusiasts continue to fly restored DC-3s, continuing the legend of this iconic aircraft that changed the face of the aviation industry.


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