Solid perfume


A solid perfume to perfume your home (or yourself) in an original way.

The pebbles and crystals are composed of a vegetable base perfumed with a mixture of essential oils, natural resins and aromatic materials.

Perfume: Fir Balsam Pebble
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Multi-tasking scented pebbles!

  • To put in the small spaces of the house (cupboard, drawers, bathroom, WC...)
  • To grate in your laundry to scent it
  • To melt in a burner : put 3 pebbles or crystals in a burner. When hot, the material becomes liquid and diffuses its perfume, when cold it becomes solid. Repeat the operation until the perfume is exhausted.
  • To keep on you as a lucky charm.

Available in 5 scents...

  • Amber: The pebble of Amber is a vegetable reconstitution of the Ambergris. Mythical perfume, ample and warm.
  • Amber and lavender: In the past, the Romans used lavender to perfume baths and laundry, the tanneries on the leather, the modern perfumeries in the cologne. Lavender is the emblematic image of Provence. Composed with amber, it becomes elegant and powdery.
  • Cedar: The symbol of the cradle of humanity, sacred and great. Its smell is both dry and sweet, green and delicately resinous, characteristic of the smell of pencil.
  • Fir balsam: A large coniferous tree from the forests of North America. The characteristic smell of its needles is soft, balsamic, woody and sweet.
  • Frangipani: The frangipani flower is the emblem of the Pacific islands where it is used in the composition of crowns and necklaces. Its exotic flower fragrance is delicately almondy and warm.

Data sheet

Perfumed vegetable base, essential oils, natural resins, aromatic materials
Do not leave within the reach of children.
80 grs

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